The first project we are working on in collaboration with Plastic Free Falmouth is to manage the eternal issue with cigarette litter on our local streets.

We placed a funding application into the high street hero’s fund earlier this year, to apply to implement a new system in falmouth at smoking hotspots using Ballot bins an innovative approach to ban the butts. This system would engage smokers by participating in answering various questions, by posting their vote or ballot into one of our new bins

We hope to place these around the town of Falmouth at music and sport venues, whereby the engagement should be at their maximum. I hope to see “who is going to win the derby city or united” or “which event shall we run next band or karaoke” etc.

The beauty of these system is that the questions can be changed as much as the establishment wants, which could lead to lots of fun for smokers around town. We aren’t attempting to shame smokers in anyway, just engage the public in the fact that cigarette butts don’t biodegrade and have a damaging impact on our environment.

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